The Climate Summit is a global consortium united in our concern for the planet’s climate and consequently civilization as we know it. Using the world wide web, our goal is to create a collaborative, innovative and global community for discussion and action on the defining issue of our time.

A video of our first Climate Summit event on Friday, April 16, 2010 is available on the Webcast page from the menu to the left. Besides watching the video of our first event, we invite you to register so we can stay in touch for future events, and concentrate the effort and intention of you, our members, in between Summits. Registration is free and easy.

One way we making The Climate Summit a source progress is with the Climate Collaboratorium, under our co-operative relationship with MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence. Please join in that discussion.

We are an online forum focusing on organizing and articulating the non-governmental side of the global effort to tackle climate change and transition to a low-carbon world. We are producing a series of carbon-light, international meetings bringing you together with thought and action leaders of our time. We are creating a Forum in the global commons for the people of Earth to address the challenge of the climate crisis. We also focus on grass roots organizing via social media, and webinar events on a national and regional level.

To create The Climate Summit we employ Cisco Systems’ TelePresence and other video communications media in lieu of extensive travel to distant cities. We are creating a globally distributed dialogue, the sharing of wisdom, experience, and our collective intelligence for approaching the problems of the 21st century with minimum carbon footprint.

At each The Climate Summit we join you together with people from the environmental and climate communities, science, spirit & ethics, business, youth, indigenous peoples and public service. Forum meetings are viewable from our Webcast page. And at each meeting we will provide opportunities for your interaction and participation. In between Summit events we invite you to continue the effort through our portal into MIT’s Climate Collaboratorium.

Email us your suggestions of additional participants, organizational partners, and sponsors or use this form to contact us.


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