Welcome to the Climate Summit, a forum for advancing the transition to a low-carbon world. The Climate Summit is producing a series of international conferences bringing you together with the leading personalities of our time. The Climate Summit minimizes its carbon footprint employing the medium of telepresence and all the advantages of Internet communications.

This year's initial Climate Summit occurs on Sunday the 18th of April. To stay connected, join our global community.

In the Climate Summit Forum you will join with thought and action leaders from the environmental and climate communities, as well as the domains of science, spirit, business, government, and ethics. The live Forum meetings will be webcast live, with opportunities for your interaction and participation.

Please explore the Climate Summit website and find out where you fit in. We welcome your suggestions, including Forum participants, organizational partners, and sponsors.


Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on climate change
Evangelical leader Richard Cizik on global warming
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