The first Climate Summit of 2010 on April 16th sought to help develop greater cohesion, cooperation and consistency the efforts and actions emanating from civil society to deal with the current climate crisis. RoundTable participants attended from TelePresence conference rooms in San Jose, California, New York City, Boston, and London. At future RoundTable meetings, participants will also be able to attend from home or office. Audience participants attending future Forum meetings will also become RoundTable contributors both from both public and private venues, as individuals or in groups.

But The Climate Summit dialogue did not end on April 16th. It began with online discussions on a special portal created for The Climate Summit on the Climate Collaboratorium, a tool created by MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence to harness the thought of many people on the defining problem of our time, climate change.

Please to watch the archive of our previous Climate Summit event, and contribute to the ongoing discussion and debate on how humanity can successfully address the complex problems that face us on the Climate Collaboratorium.

We would also like to call your attention to a free online college level course in the science of climate change. This is a course taught by Prof. David Archer, a well-respected authority on the subject from the University of Chicago. Here is a link to his video course on Global Warming.


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