Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about The Climate Summit. Feel free to suggest your questions using the Contact Us form or sending email to

What is your privacy policy concerning personal information I may give you? - We will not sell, share, barter or trade your information with others without your permission.

Once I register with The Climate Summit will I automatically be registered with the Climate Collaboratorium? - No, you will be invited to participate in MIT's Climate Collaboratorium under a cooperative agreement with The Climate Summit, but you will be required to register for that separately.

How will I connect to The Climate Summit the day of the event? - We will send instructions to all those who have registered with us approximately one week before the event. So please register, and spread the word to your friends and associates.

How can I help with The Climate Summit? - There are many ways you can help with the project. The best way to start is by registering. Once you've done that you are plugged into our network. Next, you can involve your contacts by telling them about us and encouraging them to register. Then to explore the many other ways you can help this worthy effort to succeed please contact us and tell us you want to help. We'll get in touch and explore your particular situation and how you could most aid The Climate Summit Team.