The Climate Summit RoundTable will join thought and action leaders from around the globe from such domains and disciplines as science and spirit, ethics and business, education and public administration. We will draw from a rich collection of experience, knowledge and wisdom, cutting across topics of economics, ecology, the dynamics of social change, political activism, and a host of other relevant areas.

The segmented 3-hour format of the Climate Summit will allow participation by subgroups of our RoundTable presenters, so that all participants may contribute to the dialogue meaningfully.

Summit attendees will be able to discuss key issues before and after the event using the Climate Collaboratorium, a new web forum developed by MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence.

Speakers at the April 18th Climate Summit, listed alphabetically by last name, include:

William Becker, Presidential Climate Action Plan
Medea Benjamin, Founder, Code Pink & Global Exchange
Rev. Richard Cizik, Evangelical Christian Leader
S├ębastien Duyck, Youth Contact Person to the UNFCCC
Dr. Riane Eisler, Social Scientist, Attorney & Author
Richard David Hames, Asian Foresight Institute
Andrew Harvey, Author & Lecturer, SacredActivism.Net
Anna Keenan, International Youth Climate Movement
Chief Phil Lane Jr., Four Worlds International Institute
Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Founder, The Club of Budapest
Bill McKibben, Founder, 350.Org
Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University
Bonnie Nixon, Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the IPCC
Roz Savage, Trans-Oceanic Rower
Naomi Tsur, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem
Dr. David Wasdell, Apollo-Gaia Project

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Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on climate change
Evangelical leader Richard Cizik on global warming
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