The Forum Via Media

At each Climate Summit meeting a virtual RoundTable is created from the video feeds of globally distributed TelePresence conference rooms, with one location serving as the central host of the meeting. In this way invited speakers sit together for discussions, with a limited number of live audience guests. Learn how to how to attend the Forum in person.

The Climate Summit is also viewable by guests remotely over the Internet. The television-quality video feed will be made available to select broadcast, cable and Internet TV outlets. Live streaming of the event in several popular webcast formats (Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc.) will be brought to you courtesy of ON24, a premiere Inernet webcast provider. Segments of the program will be placed on YouTube and the complete video record of the Climate Summit Forum’s virtual RoundTable will be archived on this site for later viewing as well.

During the Forum live audience members will be able to pose questions and interact with the RoundTable live and on-site. Remote Internet and television audience members will be able to pose questions by email, text or telephone. In addition, remote viewing audiences will be able to express preferences and priorities in the polling of ideas and proposals being made at the RoundTable.


Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on climate change
Evangelical leader Richard Cizik on global warming
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