Explore our collection of videos relevant to The Climate Summit. Some are introductions to the work of our participants in The Climate Summit RoundTable. Others are excellent background pieces on the climate crisis, our attempts to address the huge problem, adapt to the changes occurring, and avoid the worst of the coming age of climate change. Feel free to suggest new videos using the Contact Us form or sending email to

Climate Scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer on climate change

Social Scientist, Lawyer & Author Riane Eisler on Economic Transformation

Wake Up, Freak Out - Then get a grip.

Dr. Thomas Malone discusses MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

MIT Climate Collaboratorium Workshop - Discussion

Dr. Ervin Laszlo - The imperative for a 'macroshift' of consciousness

Roz Savage - EcoAdventurer

Cisco TelePresence - It's All About The Experience

The Big Ask - Act Now

MIT - The Climate Collaboratorium

Evangelical leader Richard Cizik on global warming

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri discusses climate change in Copenhagen