Our Vision

There is a great need today to shape and speed society’s recognition, understanding and action on the huge problem of climate change. The national and international diplomatic responses to the threat are so far inadequate, as evidenced in the failure of the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen to create a meaningful, comprehensive agreement.

The Climate Summit is a means of furthering the dialogue, refocusing the communities most concerned with climate change, and channeling that energy into effective action. The Climate Summit does this in the low-carbon format of telepresence and Internet communications. Proliferating these technologies as a substitute for 'meet-in-a-city' conferences is an integral part of our vision.

The Climate Summit aspires to

    Create regular, periodic and frequent meetings in cyberspace regionally and internationally
    Discuss, plan and implement strategies for shaping discourse and increasing awareness, and
    Facilitate a more substantial and focused response to climate change.
    Help formulate an aggressive response to climate change from the non-governmental sectors of civil society, including the business community, religious and spiritual organizations, educational institutions, and the communications media.

A new recognition is required that life is more important than individual or national advantage and wealth. The ecology of Earth does not exist for the service and convenience of human economy. Rather economy cannot exist without a healthy ecology.


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